Interior Design Tips

I apologize for the inconsistency, and lack, of posts in the past few months. I just started up my senior year and moved into a great new place. One of my favorite hobbies is decorating rooms. My excitement while designing my new room was probably the equivalent to a 5-year-old about to receive an ice cream cone at an amusement park. I decided my blog was the best place for me to share my room, along with providing some tips for the next time you are decorating. 

These pictures are in order from the left side of my room and then panning to the right.



This is the lovely seating area in my room. As you can see, I use my hats as a decoration on my wall. This is a wonderful trick, because it adds color while giving me a place to store my hats. I do not need to worry about them getting squished in a drawer somewhere. The loveseat came from my parents’ home when I moved to college. I didn’t have anywhere on my wall for my map tapestry, so I decided it worked perfectly as a couch cover. While there are many colors throughout my room, this area features a lot of blues. I use the peacock poster to pull together all the colors of this area. The peacock poster and both tapestries are from Urban Outfitters.



I wanted to quick focus on this set of drawers. Probably almost every college student has one of these white storage bins in their room. It is actually normally clear, but I felt it looked too cluttered because everything stored inside. I simply cut paper to fit the sides of the drawers and slid it into place. This really allowed me to pull together some of the colors in my room. It is a strong focal piece because it is colorful, not cluttered. So if you have one of these laying around, throw in some pictures or colored paper that matches your room.



This wall is opposite the wall with all my hats. I have another peacock poster here that I found at an awesome poster store in Boulder. It is also where I purchased the Audrey Hepburn poster. The colors in the border of the Audrey Hepburn poster bring together the colors used throughout my room. Also, the small window has an amazing view. Through it, you can perfectly see the church windows across the street. At night, the stained glass lights up, and the colors are beautiful.



And here is my bed! The curtains are actually a long stretch of fabric that I was able to fold over the top. I really love sheer curtains, because they let in a lot of light. You can kind of see it in this picture, but the tree outside my window casts a lovely shadow. This room (as you will see in the next picture), actually had a space that was pre-designed for the bed to placed. I felt the windows created a much more relaxing bed environment. As you can see in the corner, I have a lovely giant plant. It was only 10 dollars at Home Depot, so I highly recommend you purchase one!



This part of the room is where the bed is supposed to go (as you can tell by the lights). Instead, it seemed the perfect place for my desk. Having my desk here and the bed where it is, really opened up the room, so there is one large walking space. I always prefer rooms with one big area instead of smaller, compartmentalized spaces. The lights are also really nice for studying. With this image, I want to give you some tips on how to organize pictures:

1. I like to balance light and dark images. The two darker pictures are diagonal from eachother to balance the overall wall.
2. Have the images ‘facing in,’ if possible. This is a harder concept to explain. But look closely at the faces/ body language of the women in the pictures. They are all looking or positioned towards the center of the wall.



Finally, this is actually where you enter the room from. behind this curtain is the door to the bathroom/closet and hallway. My roommate, Amanda, and I share the bathroom which is accessed through my room. We were originally going to get a room divider, but while at Ikea, Amanda found a hanging curtain to be a better option. I really love it! It is easy to push the curtain aside to open the room, but also allows a lot of privacy.


Styling Tips for Men and Women


I have to say, this is probably my favorite shoot to work on so far! All the clothes are from Motto andOPM, both of which were fantastic boutiques to pull from. You can find Motto’s facebook here, and OPM’s facebook here. The amazing photographer Luke Schneider and makeup artist Miranda Nelson really made this shoot take off. Scroll through for my styling tips and enjoy the images =]!



I love the jacket that Daniel is wearing in this picture. It is a very way for a man to look very dress without being stuck in a stiff jacket. The material is extremely comfortable. The buttons and zipper closure add just a touch of detail completing the look. I paired this neutral jacket with a more colorful shirt and pants to keep it from being too cluttered.


I have definitely seen printed pants before, but none quite as fun as these. I never really caught on to the whole floral pant trend, it seemed to go over my head. These pants were amazing though. And the paint drop texture is very unique.



This is a very classic look I chose for Daniel. The jacket has trimmings of brown that match the hat he is holding. His shirt is a pretty basic grey sweatshirt, but the leather jacket keeps it from appearing too casual. And any man can’t go wrong with a pair of olive pants in their closet.



Kasey looked great in this dress. It fit the body like a glove. It probably has to be one of my favorite little, black dresses. The pattern on the dress is actually a very delicate laser cut-out which I hadn’t seen in the past.



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Autumn Colors

With the blizzards racking the nation, I hate to say Winter has finally begun. I have long been dreading the change of seasons here in snowy Minnesota. This shoot is a bit older, but will have you reminiscing of autumn times. It’s simple to take a look like this and throw on leggings instead of tights and a cute black peacoat to make it suitable for the winter. Don’t discard all your clothes into boxes until spring comes again. You may be surprised how a bit of layering can easily keep you warm. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

With the new year having just passed, my resolution is to update my blog once a week. Continue to check in for updates on my personal style, shoots I styled, and any other amazing fashion I see. Hope you all enjoyed your new years!

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Nautical Style in the Fall – Men’s Fashion

When one thinks of nautical, they usually thing of warm summer days. You think of sailing or being near the ocean with warm, salty wind. Many of us own at least one nautical item; wether it be a blue and white striped sweater or olive green pants. It would be a shame to pack away these classic clothes for the winter. However, nautical clothes can look just as good in the fall as they did in the summer. The images below are from a shoot I styled back in september. It would be easy to throw an earth-toned jacket over any of these looks to help keep warm.

Most of the styling I did on this shoot was for the male model. So, I am going to concentrate mostly on men’s fashion for this post. The clothes I found were from Martin Patrick 3 in downtown Minneapolis.You can find their Facebook here and website here.  It is a great, but expensive, men’s store. It really made me wish I was a wealthy man because the clothes are amazing. Not to mention everyone who worked there was super nice!

I actually only had enough clothes for 2 outfits for the male model. However, I was able to mix the clothes around to create 3 outfits instead. From my experience, I have a few tips for you guys:

1. Experiment with rolling your pants and your shirt sleeves. This can reinvent the look of a shirt or pant into something new.

2. Pair neutral tops with bold pants for a casual, yet stylish look. Bold pants are very popular right now for both men and women.

3. Try wearing contrasting colors, but keep them separate from each other. In one look I paired bright orange pants with a subdued, green scarf. It makes the outfit dynamic without being too strong.

4. Colors like navy, olive, and maroon look great on a variety of men. They are also classic colors that won’t go out of style.

5. Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Stripes are an easy way to dress up an outfit, and come in so many different styles.

6. Invest in a nice belt. You will look much more polished having your shirt tucked in if you have a nice belt showing. Get a neutral color with some texture to add intrigue.

7. Rope bracelets and necklaces are good accessories for men. They aren’t too flashy but add something more to the outfit.

8. Experiment with scarves. Scarves can really transform an outfit, but not many men wear them. When starting out with scarves, buy them in neutral colors. The look best in the winter when tucked into a pullover.


Guthrie Blues

Well, I finally found a photographer! We have already done a few shoots, so I have some new material to post =]. If you like his photography, you can find his Facebook here. For our first photo shoot together we headed to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. The Guthrie is an iconic building along the riverfront. The theater is known for its architecture and marvelous plays. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend you see something on the thrust stage.

Going to plays is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. It also provides an excuse to get dressed up and get out of the house. You can really pump up the drama in an outfit you plan to wear to a play. Channel the idea of costumes and stage appeal as you get dressed. And be very playful in your choice of accessories!

I pumped up the drama in my outfit with this jacket. It’s from Len Drusken in the Southdale Mall in Edina, Minnesota. If I remember correctly, it cost less than $30. I don’t have many excuses to wear this jacket but love when I do. It is very architectural, so I felt it was very appropriate for the Guthrie.

This ring was a gift from two of my friends. I love the touch it adds to my outfit. The ring reminds me of Alice in Wonderland along with all things eccentric.

The Guthrie theater has a lot of unique areas throughout. This is on one of the top floors of the building. It provides a beautiful view of the river. The yellow tint of the windows enhances the colors in the distance. There is also an area with glass on the floor, which provides a startling look at the ground far below.

This dress goes perfectly with my jacket. The dress was made by Cynthia Rae. I think it may be one of only two sold, which makes me love it even more. The subtle, organic pattern flows well with the shape of the jacket. The colors blend seamlessly bringing more attention to the silhouette of the look.

Finally, I really like how you can see a reflection of the buildings in this picture. You can also see the blue of the Guthrie outside. The blue of my dress matched the blue of the theater perfectly.

The Guthrie:

My Personal Style Icon

In a few of my past posts, I wore my grandmother’s belt. You can see that here. For these pictures, I decided to wear one of her old jackets. I own very few of my grandmother’s clothes, and this jacket is by far my favorite piece of clothing. It is beautiful and timeless. And it creates an image of my grandmother in my mind. She passed away when I was a few months old, and I never got the chance to meet her. But being able to wear her clothes makes me feel very connected to someone who obviously knew quite a bit about style.

Here is a picture of her:

This fan was given to me by brother. He bought it while he was in China. It kind of makes me wonder why we don’t use fans anymore. They would be such fun accessories for a variety of outfits. Not to mention, they would help keep us cool on hot days. I think the design on this fan is exquisite.

These pictures are from the bluffs in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The color of the landscape in the background really balances the gold in the jacket.

This scarf is also from China. But it was given to me by my friend Tim Liu. It’s the perfect summer scarf and will never go out of style. It reminds me of scarves that have been worn for years. It may not be a very popular style right now, but I love to wear it with a lot of outfits.

I think this photo shows the shape of the jacket well. It is a heavy, suede material which helps it hold it’s shape. The length is a good length on me. When shopping for jackets similar to this, find something in a medium length. Especially if it has shorter sleeves too. If the jacket was longer, the sleeves would not look balanced.

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Katy Rogan – Fashion Photography

I apologize for the lack of posts these past 2/3 weeks. Life has been hectic with moving, starting a new job, and starting school. But we finally got internet in our new house, and my life is back on schedule. Expect a lot of posts from now on! And they will once again be posted on a regular basis.

The other day I got very excited to see some new shots by Katy Rogan. I featured her underwater  pictures on my blog a few weeks ago. Once again, my friend Megan Ishizu is in these new photographs. With her is my other close friend, Emily Byrne. I really enjoy how unique and beautiful their faces are. They add the right touch of contrast to the images with their different face shapes.

There is such a strong perspective behind this shoot. And the makeup is beyond superb. The summery, bright-eyed look of Megan’s face is really brightened by her white dress. I also enjoy how her hair is swept off her face and into a messy braid. The best close-up photograph of her is the one with the sun behind her and the feathers in her face. The light frames her face and really adds an intensity that could not have been possible with different makeup and lighting.

Emily’s looks is very different from Megan’s, but the two balance each other. And while Emily’s eye makeup is much stronger, it still evokes the same sense of intensity and framing. You can really see this in the close up image of her face. The black liner makes her eyes pop. And they are done with perfection. If you look closely, the curve of her makeup matches up with the curve of her eyebrow. It allows for an interesting framing technique. Eyeliner only on the bottom of the eye has been popping up all over the place. Definitely a new makeup trend for us to try.

I think these photos are awesome. They really draw me in and make me feel as though I am also out in the field. What do you think of these photos?

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Free & Fashionable Glasses

1. Get A Pair of Glasses Free: Well, they aren’t quite free, but very close. Those of us that wear glasses know how hard it can be to get cute frames without dishing out hundreds of dollars for a designer brand. There is a new company that is revolutionizing the process of buying glasses. The business is called Warby Parker.

2. Try Them On & Return Them: When you are interested in trying on a frame, Warby Parker sends you the glasses free of charge. You then get to try them on, ship them back for free, and pay only $95. They then return your glasses to you with your prescription and anti-reflective lenses.Their sunglasses are also $95 for non-prescription or $150 for prescription.

3.Help Someone In Need: The company is dedicated to running an ethical business. And when you buy a pair of glasses, they donate a pair to someone in need. You can read more about it here.

4. Finally Find a Fashionable Pair of Glasses: These glasses are super cute. Each pair on the site tells you what face shape the frame would fit. And they all have a unique, vintage inspired feel. As far as I can tell, they are very well-made. Seems like a great service that finally allows for cute, inexpensive glasses. The right pair of glasses can be the perfect accessory. Their selection of glasses for men is also extensive. You can sift through the glasses based on frame shape or face width.

*All Images courtesy of the Warby Parker website.





Frank & Oak: Men’s Clothing

I decided to take a step away from women’s clothing, and give a shout out to all my male readers. Many guys struggle when it comes to dressing nice. It can be hard to know what looks good together while still staying true to your style. At least at my age, it is uncommon to see a guy dressed well on a usual basis. But that is a part of being in college and feeling relaxed. Luckily, there is a service that makes it much easier for all you to dress better.

That service is called Frank & Oak. It is a membership based site for men. The membership itself is free, but there is a limited number of available spots. They pride themselves on being an easy way for men to dress themselves nicely while retaining the comfort they desire. From what I can see of the site, the clothes look very well put together. Frank & Oak is both the retailer and designer.

Here are a few of the images copied from their about section. You can see the entire page here. Have any of you tried this service? Let me know if you have! I’m interested to hear first hand accounts about it. Follow this link to sign up.
*All images courtesy of the Frank & Oak website.

Behind the Scenes with Seafolly 2012/13

If you did not read my original post about my favorite swimwear brand, Seafolly, you can read it here. They create long lasting, unique swimsuits for women. Their models and swimwear are gorgeous. And their catalog images are perfection, and really depict the atmosphere and feeling behind the brand.  The video below is behind the scenes at a Seafolly photoshoot. The model featured in the video is Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine’s girlfriend. Plus, you can get a sneak peak at the 2012/2013 line!

Here are some more images for you to check out! All the images are courtesy of the Seafolly website.