Nautical Style in the Fall – Men’s Fashion

When one thinks of nautical, they usually thing of warm summer days. You think of sailing or being near the ocean with warm, salty wind. Many of us own at least one nautical item; wether it be a blue and white striped sweater or olive green pants. It would be a shame to pack away these classic clothes for the winter. However, nautical clothes can look just as good in the fall as they did in the summer. The images below are from a shoot I styled back in september. It would be easy to throw an earth-toned jacket over any of these looks to help keep warm.

Most of the styling I did on this shoot was for the male model. So, I am going to concentrate mostly on men’s fashion for this post. The clothes I found were from Martin Patrick 3 in downtown Minneapolis.You can find their Facebook here and website here.  It is a great, but expensive, men’s store. It really made me wish I was a wealthy man because the clothes are amazing. Not to mention everyone who worked there was super nice!

I actually only had enough clothes for 2 outfits for the male model. However, I was able to mix the clothes around to create 3 outfits instead. From my experience, I have a few tips for you guys:

1. Experiment with rolling your pants and your shirt sleeves. This can reinvent the look of a shirt or pant into something new.

2. Pair neutral tops with bold pants for a casual, yet stylish look. Bold pants are very popular right now for both men and women.

3. Try wearing contrasting colors, but keep them separate from each other. In one look I paired bright orange pants with a subdued, green scarf. It makes the outfit dynamic without being too strong.

4. Colors like navy, olive, and maroon look great on a variety of men. They are also classic colors that won’t go out of style.

5. Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Stripes are an easy way to dress up an outfit, and come in so many different styles.

6. Invest in a nice belt. You will look much more polished having your shirt tucked in if you have a nice belt showing. Get a neutral color with some texture to add intrigue.

7. Rope bracelets and necklaces are good accessories for men. They aren’t too flashy but add something more to the outfit.

8. Experiment with scarves. Scarves can really transform an outfit, but not many men wear them. When starting out with scarves, buy them in neutral colors. The look best in the winter when tucked into a pullover.



Everyday Outfit #8

These images are actually from a few days ago when Lexie and I headed to the sculpture garden. The sun was really harsh, and some of the photos got deleted. But at least these two turned out well!

1. The Ruffled Vest: I love how the vest works with the print in the shirt, and how it brings together the top and skirt. It was less than $20 from Heartbreaker, a local Minneapolis store. While I’m not the biggest vest wearer, this vest is very unique. I got it a few years ago, but if I run into a similar style online, I will make sure to post about it.

2. The Pencil Skirt: Who does not love a good pencil skirt? I think pencil skirts are best when they are long. It makes them very classy, dramatic, and emphasizes your shape. These thin horizontal lines create a nice contour to my body. It was from Piece Unique in Boise, Idaho. You can see my white dress here, which I also got from Piece Unique. Pencil skirts never go out of style, so stock up on one, maybe two, even three!


Women’s Hair Trends – Colored Roots

Have you been craving a new, edgy hairstyle? If you are a daring person, you may consider taking inspiration from both Haider Ackerman’s and Jean Paul Gaultier’s fall 2012 runway shows. Both designers gave their models colored roots; this is not the usual ombre hair we have become accustomed to. And unless your hair is blue, then there is nothing natural about this look.

The past couple of years have been about coloring a few ends a bold color, or donning a head full of pastel locks. But designers stepped out of the box this fall to bring out bold roots. This is a trend for very few. If is definitely something I know I can’t pull off! It can be fun to experiment with a trend like this, because not many people will be rocking the same style.

Here are a few examples from both these runway shows to give you a good idea of this trend. I like the last picture by Jean Paul Gaultier. I think the roots look professionally done, and the red works well with her dark hair. On the other hand, his other looks remind me of skunks. Haider Ackerman takes a subdued approach to colored roots. Also, can I please get my hands on that red sweater dress? So flattering!

Haider Ackerman:

Jean Paul Gaultier: 

*All images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue 


-If you want to try something new

-If you have the confidence to pull it off

-If your style is edgy

-If you want to completely reinvent your look


-If your look is classic

-If you don’t want to damage your hair with bleach or color

-If your job does not allow crazy hair color

-If you think you would look insane (like I would)

Will you be trying this look in the fall? Leave a comment and let me know what hair trend you are dying to try! 

**I recommend visiting a professional hair stylist to dye your hair for you.

Everyday Outfit #6

I love a knit maxi skirt. They are easy to throw on and always look chic. Today I wore my Hi-Lo skirt, which has the same feel as a maxi skirt, but is more appropriate for this sizzling hot weather. This Hi-Lo skirt is dressed down with the top and flats I paired it with. When I wear it with a tighter, black top and the right accessories, it creates a nighttime look. Almost any outfit can be transformed from day to night. Always challenge yourself when putting together outfits. And never forget the power of the right accessory!

ImageTops that billow out like this look good with high waisted skirts or pants. You can see my shoes from Bakers that I talked about in my Cute Shoes For Summer article! A thin belt looks better with long skirts and dresses. A thick belt can break up the silhouette in an unflattering way. Plus a thicker belt would look too structured with this outfit. The small belt helps me to show my waist without breaking up the fluidity and motion.

Today at work, I had my first caricature done! What a fun skill that would be to have.


Trend Alert: Hi Lo Dresses and Gladiator Sandals

The Hi Lo, or as some call it the mullet, dress is making waves in fashion this season. I received my first Hi Lo dress last May as a birthday gift from my mom. When I was younger, I would draw a ton of dresses in this style. Since my mom is awesome, she bought me the first Hi Lo dress she could find because it reminded her of my old drawings.

The Hi Low is an eye catching dress.You have the ability to show off your legs without feeling immodest. It flows beautifully behind you as you descend a staircase. So really, if you know somewhere with a dramatic staircase, plan to wear a dress of this style (I recommend the Minneapolis Institute of Arts). It is not your traditional princess dress, but something about the cut makes you feel beyond elegant. It is easy to throw on during the summer without looking sloppy. Wear it to art galleries and museums, shopping, or for an evening out. With the current popularity of this cut, it is easy to find casual or formal options.

This is one of my two Hi Lo dresses. The one my mom got me is purple, but this was made by my lovely boss Cynthia. I love the way it looks against the waterfalls, and the way the light filters through the sheer material.

Gladiator Sandals. I know they seem so four years ago. I actually had these when I was about 16 or 17, but did not really start wearing them until this year. They give a free spirited look to outfits that no other shoes can. I have received a positive reaction from people when wearing them, so I think it is time this trend returned. If you still have some gladiator sandals from a few years ago, strap them on and stroll around like the greek goddess that you are.

It is hard to see, but I am wearing my grandmother’s belt once again! It is crazy how the same accessory can create such a different look on two different dresses. I always encourage people to mix up their accessories with clothes they would not have thought of before. You may be surprised with the result.

I had never tried this chunky necklace with this dress before, but the style and colors blended together seamlessly. It is technically my mom’s, but she is lending it to me for an unknown amount of time (not sure if I ever want to give it back). Chunky jewelry works well with bold outfits. A small or delicate necklace would have been swallowed by this dress.

Dress: Cynthia Rae
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Mom’s closet
Belt: Grandmother’s

Pantone Fashion Color Report: Fall 2012

Pantone is the authority in the fashion industry for deciding if ‘ red is the new black’ this season. As I have mentioned before, I am already excited to whip out my fall clothes. You will all probably begin shopping for back to school or fall clothes sometime next month. They have already released their trend report for fall 2012. So keep an eye out for these colors as you are shopping, and you will be ahead of the trend!

Here are my favorites of the fall color collection. You can find all the entire selection of colors on the Pantone website. You can also read the inspiration behind each of these designs. Above each image I have a direct link to their individual color page on the Pantone website.

Pink Flambe
Designer: Rachel Roy
*Image courtesy of

Designer: Charlotte Ronson
*Image courtesy of

Ultramarine Green
Designer: Ella Moss
*Image courtesy of

Bright Chartreuse
Designer: Nanette Lepore
*Image courtesy of

Trend Alert: Maxi Dresses for Every Season

The maxi dress. Easily the most glamorous throw-on outfit that every women should own. In the summer, you do not even need to think about creating your own outfit to look fabulous. A good maxi dress does all the work for you! With the right leather jacket and doc martens, you can transform a maroon, forest green, or navy blue maxi dress into a winter or fall outfit. Wear leggings underneath to help keep you warm.

If your maxi dress is thin and very summery, then pair it with a thick, chunky sweater. It will offset the fluidity of the dress. Not to mention you will need the warmth. Pair a summery dress with heeled boots to compliment the femininity.Stick to sweaters in neutral colors, or pick a darker shade of a color already in the dress. A maxi dress and sweater can seem overwhelming together if you do not choose the right colors. A pull over will mix up the look and give the appearance of a skirt. Consider throwing on a circle scarf to complete the look.

Look at these polyvores I created for inspiration:

Maxi Dress Outfit Ideas


Maxi dresses are a current trend, but they generally have a long stay period and always look good. Here is some maxi dress eye candy, courtesy of Italian Vogue, for us all to day dream about:


Everyday Outfit #1

In addition to my photo shoots with Lexie, I am going to attempt to snap a picture of what I wear everyday. Here is my outfit for today! It was 100 out, so even though I have a short skirt on I was burning. Earlier my Italian class went to Punch Pizza, and we go to make our own pizzas. Quite a sad moment for someone who is gluten free…

While we were at Punch Pizza I took my ring off. I completely forgot to put it on before snapping my outfit picture, so here it is. My stepdad picked that out himself for my birthday! I was very impressed.

Made In India? – Chanel

Chanel’s pre-fall collection for 2012 was excellence in a clothing line. It may be old news but I have not had the opportunity to discuss just how beautiful these clothes are. In case you do not know, the eccentric Karl Lagerfeld is the current creative director for Chanel. Lagerfeld continues to push the norm and standards of fashion. It is no secret that recognition of minorities has been slow in the fashion world. Women of color are rarely featured in magazines compared to their white counterparts. But that is why Karl Lagerfeld’s pre-fall line is such an exciting statement. His entire line is inspired by India.

Not only can you see the traditional Indian influences but also the contrasting juxtaposition created by Britain’s Imperialism.  The British influences are seen in the streamlined jackets, neutral colors, and stiff skirts. While the Indian influences appear in the form of fluid dresses, bolder colors, and intricate head pieces. Lagerfeld also drew upon Parisian fashion for this collection. To me, it is reminiscent of 1920’s French couture. And while most blogs comment on the Parisian and Indian influences, I feel it is impossible to view this line without breaching the subject of the British influences. For such a well known designer and brand to create this collection, we are able to see the trends occurring in the fashion industry. Hopefully more designers clue into how gorgeous culturally inspired clothing can be.

In this first image, you can see the traditional influences. This garment flows beautifully.


The choice of luxurious fabrics and silhouettes throughout the line screams of Paris.

This menswear item expresses the contrast between British Imperialism and traditional India. His headpiece represents the old, while his traditional jacket represents the new. And here are some more items for you to decide what you think about this line:

What do you think of this trend? Will other designers be continually influenced by other cultures? Will fashion incorporate more diversity in the future?

*All images courtesy of

The Little White Dress

We all have a Little Black Dress stashed away in our closet for special occasions. But just as important as the LBD is the Little White Dress–especially in the summer months. Wearing a white dress makes you appear youthful, innocent, and carefree. Not to mention it adds stunning contrast against your sun-kissed skin. You can wear any style of shoe with a white dress, just keep it consistent with style elements. The shoes I wore were black, but they were still strappy which went well with the bohemian style of my dress. If your dress is modern and simple then choose a platform or flat in a solid, bright color.

Lexie and I had our first photo shoot. We went down to the Stone Arch Bridge to snap some photos with Minneapolis as the backdrop. This is definitely the best view of the city. This is my little white dress that I got this year for my birthday. It is my first dress from Dolce Vita, and I have to say I am a fan.


This belt was my Grandmother’s. I thought it worked well with the dress, and it is my favorite belt. It also has the same sort of metal as my necklace.


This cute couple suggested I stand on the railing for a cool shot. I am good at walking in heels, but not that good.


Feather earrings were a huge fad from last spring. So how do you choose fad items that can give you more use than just one season? Choose items with classic elements. The very natural feel to these earrings make them a long-lasting piece. They were also handmade and given to me by my old boss–talent.


And finally some pretty flowers! =]

Dress: Kate Spade
Shoes: Piece Unique
ecklace: Piece Unique