A Swimsuit That Lasts – Women’s Swimwear

It is easy to be tempted by the plethora of bikinis you are assaulted by when entering Target. They are cute, trendy, and usually inexpensive. The downside to inexpensive swimsuits is that they often fit poorly and wear out quickly. Particularly for bustier women, you know that these types of swimsuits do not give any support. When buying women’s swimwear remember that quality beats quantity.

Every woman should own 3 nice swimsuits. 1 one-piece for athletic swimming or water activities such as tubing or water-skiing. You would not want your swimsuit to fall off during any of that. 1 bikini for sun-bathing and casual swimming. And 1 of your favorite style that is more fashionable and used primarily for sun-bathing.

My new favorite brand is Seafolly. It is a bit more on the expensive side but is great quality. If you are on a budget, try any department store. Their websites have a lot of nicer brands that often go on sale. SeaFolly is an Australian brand. And while their website does not sale their suits directly, they have a store locator and list of online retailers. If you live in the Minneapolis area there are a few select styles at the Bungalow in Excelsior.

They have gorgeous one-pieces so you will not lose style as with many other one-pieces.


Many of their bikinis are very classic which adds to their longevity.


If you are looking for a vintage style or retro bikini try this one. This is actually the one I own. Seafolly offers underwire swimwear too.


Here are some more pictures, so you can get an idea for their other styles:



*All images courtesy of SeaFolly

With my lovely friends Katie and Ashley.


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