Frank & Oak: Men’s Clothing

I decided to take a step away from women’s clothing, and give a shout out to all my male readers. Many guys struggle when it comes to dressing nice. It can be hard to know what looks good together while still staying true to your style. At least at my age, it is uncommon to see a guy dressed well on a usual basis. But that is a part of being in college and feeling relaxed. Luckily, there is a service that makes it much easier for all you to dress better.

That service is called Frank & Oak. It is a membership based site for men. The membership itself is free, but there is a limited number of available spots. They pride themselves on being an easy way for men to dress themselves nicely while retaining the comfort they desire. From what I can see of the site, the clothes look very well put together. Frank & Oak is both the retailer and designer.

Here are a few of the images copied from their about section. You can see the entire page here. Have any of you tried this service? Let me know if you have! I’m interested to hear first hand accounts about it. Follow this link to sign up.
*All images courtesy of the Frank & Oak website.


One thought on “Frank & Oak: Men’s Clothing

  1. I’ve been using Frank and Oak since June now and have loved it! The clothes are unique and well-tailored (I’m of a small enough size that I can’t shop everywhere), though a little overly tempting given the low prices and new stock every month.

    I have once had to return an item so far (not everything looks as good on as it does online) and the process was a breeze!

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