Free & Fashionable Glasses

1. Get A Pair of Glasses Free: Well, they aren’t quite free, but very close. Those of us that wear glasses know how hard it can be to get cute frames without dishing out hundreds of dollars for a designer brand. There is a new company that is revolutionizing the process of buying glasses. The business is called Warby Parker.

2. Try Them On & Return Them: When you are interested in trying on a frame, Warby Parker sends you the glasses free of charge. You then get to try them on, ship them back for free, and pay only $95. They then return your glasses to you with your prescription and anti-reflective lenses.Their sunglasses are also $95 for non-prescription or $150 for prescription.

3.Help Someone In Need: The company is dedicated to running an ethical business. And when you buy a pair of glasses, they donate a pair to someone in need. You can read more about it here.

4. Finally Find a Fashionable Pair of Glasses: These glasses are super cute. Each pair on the site tells you what face shape the frame would fit. And they all have a unique, vintage inspired feel. As far as I can tell, they are very well-made. Seems like a great service that finally allows for cute, inexpensive glasses. The right pair of glasses can be the perfect accessory. Their selection of glasses for men is also extensive. You can sift through the glasses based on frame shape or face width.

*All Images courtesy of the Warby Parker website.






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