Interior Design Tips

I apologize for the inconsistency, and lack, of posts in the past few months. I just started up my senior year and moved into a great new place. One of my favorite hobbies is decorating rooms. My excitement while designing my new room was probably the equivalent to a 5-year-old about to receive an ice cream cone at an amusement park. I decided my blog was the best place for me to share my room, along with providing some tips for the next time you are decorating. 

These pictures are in order from the left side of my room and then panning to the right.



This is the lovely seating area in my room. As you can see, I use my hats as a decoration on my wall. This is a wonderful trick, because it adds color while giving me a place to store my hats. I do not need to worry about them getting squished in a drawer somewhere. The loveseat came from my parents’ home when I moved to college. I didn’t have anywhere on my wall for my map tapestry, so I decided it worked perfectly as a couch cover. While there are many colors throughout my room, this area features a lot of blues. I use the peacock poster to pull together all the colors of this area. The peacock poster and both tapestries are from Urban Outfitters.



I wanted to quick focus on this set of drawers. Probably almost every college student has one of these white storage bins in their room. It is actually normally clear, but I felt it looked too cluttered because everything stored inside. I simply cut paper to fit the sides of the drawers and slid it into place. This really allowed me to pull together some of the colors in my room. It is a strong focal piece because it is colorful, not cluttered. So if you have one of these laying around, throw in some pictures or colored paper that matches your room.



This wall is opposite the wall with all my hats. I have another peacock poster here that I found at an awesome poster store in Boulder. It is also where I purchased the Audrey Hepburn poster. The colors in the border of the Audrey Hepburn poster bring together the colors used throughout my room. Also, the small window has an amazing view. Through it, you can perfectly see the church windows across the street. At night, the stained glass lights up, and the colors are beautiful.



And here is my bed! The curtains are actually a long stretch of fabric that I was able to fold over the top. I really love sheer curtains, because they let in a lot of light. You can kind of see it in this picture, but the tree outside my window casts a lovely shadow. This room (as you will see in the next picture), actually had a space that was pre-designed for the bed to placed. I felt the windows created a much more relaxing bed environment. As you can see in the corner, I have a lovely giant plant. It was only 10 dollars at Home Depot, so I highly recommend you purchase one!



This part of the room is where the bed is supposed to go (as you can tell by the lights). Instead, it seemed the perfect place for my desk. Having my desk here and the bed where it is, really opened up the room, so there is one large walking space. I always prefer rooms with one big area instead of smaller, compartmentalized spaces. The lights are also really nice for studying. With this image, I want to give you some tips on how to organize pictures:

1. I like to balance light and dark images. The two darker pictures are diagonal from eachother to balance the overall wall.
2. Have the images ‘facing in,’ if possible. This is a harder concept to explain. But look closely at the faces/ body language of the women in the pictures. They are all looking or positioned towards the center of the wall.



Finally, this is actually where you enter the room from. behind this curtain is the door to the bathroom/closet and hallway. My roommate, Amanda, and I share the bathroom which is accessed through my room. We were originally going to get a room divider, but while at Ikea, Amanda found a hanging curtain to be a better option. I really love it! It is easy to push the curtain aside to open the room, but also allows a lot of privacy.


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