Nautical Style in the Fall – Men’s Fashion

When one thinks of nautical, they usually thing of warm summer days. You think of sailing or being near the ocean with warm, salty wind. Many of us own at least one nautical item; wether it be a blue and white striped sweater or olive green pants. It would be a shame to pack away these classic clothes for the winter. However, nautical clothes can look just as good in the fall as they did in the summer. The images below are from a shoot I styled back in september. It would be easy to throw an earth-toned jacket over any of these looks to help keep warm.

Most of the styling I did on this shoot was for the male model. So, I am going to concentrate mostly on men’s fashion for this post. The clothes I found were from Martin Patrick 3 in downtown Minneapolis.You can find their Facebook here and website here.  It is a great, but expensive, men’s store. It really made me wish I was a wealthy man because the clothes are amazing. Not to mention everyone who worked there was super nice!

I actually only had enough clothes for 2 outfits for the male model. However, I was able to mix the clothes around to create 3 outfits instead. From my experience, I have a few tips for you guys:

1. Experiment with rolling your pants and your shirt sleeves. This can reinvent the look of a shirt or pant into something new.

2. Pair neutral tops with bold pants for a casual, yet stylish look. Bold pants are very popular right now for both men and women.

3. Try wearing contrasting colors, but keep them separate from each other. In one look I paired bright orange pants with a subdued, green scarf. It makes the outfit dynamic without being too strong.

4. Colors like navy, olive, and maroon look great on a variety of men. They are also classic colors that won’t go out of style.

5. Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Stripes are an easy way to dress up an outfit, and come in so many different styles.

6. Invest in a nice belt. You will look much more polished having your shirt tucked in if you have a nice belt showing. Get a neutral color with some texture to add intrigue.

7. Rope bracelets and necklaces are good accessories for men. They aren’t too flashy but add something more to the outfit.

8. Experiment with scarves. Scarves can really transform an outfit, but not many men wear them. When starting out with scarves, buy them in neutral colors. The look best in the winter when tucked into a pullover.



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