How To Not Break Out After A Night Of Going Out

Happy Saturday everyone! I am sure many of you are getting ready to go out tonight — doing makeup, getting dressed, and pre-gaming. A night of drinking or even just staying up late can be very harsh on your skin. Particularly when you pass out the second you get home and do not have a chance to wash off your face. It can be hard to feel you look nice the next day. Luckily, with a few steps dull, next day skin can be prevented.

1. Drink Water: 
I know it may not be on your mind when you are out with friends, but try to take a bottle of water along in your purse. Drink it through the night to keep hydrated. I recommend MetroMint water. It is a bit more expensive, but the packaging is sleek. And the mint in the water acts like a breath mint. Your skin loves water, and your skin will love you when you drink it. At the very least, try to use orange juice instead of soda in mix drinks. Soda and orange juice are both very sugary, yet orange juice will not leave you dehydrated like soda. Drink water in the morning too, this is important if you forgot to drink any the night before.
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2. Wash Your Face: 
I can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your makeup off before going to sleep. Even if your makeup is oil-free and non-comedogenic, it will clog your pores. Try to get into the habit of taking your makeup off. I always think it is better to use a face wash and water, but consider buying facial cleansing wipes. You can leave them by your bedside table and quickly wipe off your makeup. These wipes can tend to break me out because they usually contain fragrance. Always buy fragrance-free face products when you can. Wipes are a good choice because you can also remove eye-makeup with them. Eye-makeup can lead to eye infections if you don’t wash it off. These Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes have good reviews on They only cost about $10 for a 25 pack. Find them here. 

3. Moisturize
Like I said, your skin loves water and hydration. So after removing your makeup, do not forget to apply moisturizer. This will make your face much fresher in the morning, and is a crucial step in the process. Trust me, your skin will thank you. Moisturizer will particularly help with the dullness the next day. My preferred choice for moisturizer is Mary Kay’s Age-Fighting moisturizer. It is for normal to dry skin. Purchase a moisturizer intended for dry skin for your nights out. Even if you usually have oily skin, your face will want the added moisture. You can find it on Amazon for $13, but I recommend going through a Mary Kay salesperson. You can find it here. 

For more tips on clear skin, click here. 


Looks for Fall 2012- Women’s Fashion

When contemplating creating an outfit, it can be hard to decide how you want to reinvent your look. I mean, we all get bored of our closet after some point in time. That is how I was feeling today. My closet just was not doing it for me, so I reinvented a cardigan. This cardigan that I have on, I always wear open. But today, I thought I would belt it without a top or dress beneath. I found the look to be very structured. Try this with your clothes, you will be surprised what you may be able to invent with the clothing you already have.

Today, I decided that summer was not what I wanted to dress for. It has started cooling off, so I opted for a fall outfit. Red pants are a great choice for fall. I got these for less that $20 at the Len Drusken Outlet in Edina, MN. The sweater is from Urban Outfitters a few years ago. And the shoes are my favorite part of this outfit.! My friend Julia gave them to me, and she got them from China. Really awesome to have such a unique item, that a friend was kind enough to think of giving them to me. Enjoy the pictures!

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Everyday Outfit #8

These images are actually from a few days ago when Lexie and I headed to the sculpture garden. The sun was really harsh, and some of the photos got deleted. But at least these two turned out well!

1. The Ruffled Vest: I love how the vest works with the print in the shirt, and how it brings together the top and skirt. It was less than $20 from Heartbreaker, a local Minneapolis store. While I’m not the biggest vest wearer, this vest is very unique. I got it a few years ago, but if I run into a similar style online, I will make sure to post about it.

2. The Pencil Skirt: Who does not love a good pencil skirt? I think pencil skirts are best when they are long. It makes them very classy, dramatic, and emphasizes your shape. These thin horizontal lines create a nice contour to my body. It was from Piece Unique in Boise, Idaho. You can see my white dress here, which I also got from Piece Unique. Pencil skirts never go out of style, so stock up on one, maybe two, even three!


Fashion Photography – Water Shots

Check out these pictures of my gorgeous friend Megan Ishizu. They were shot by photographer Katy Rogan, you can see more of her work here. These are stunning photographs, and both the colors and angles work well together. Very unique shots from a very interesting point of view. What do you think of these photographs?

Fashion Design – Women’s Clothing

Here are some of my older designs from around 2010. I design really sporadically, and these are from one of those random times.

This drawing was inspired by a random poster in my dorm room freshman year. It is rather quirky, but is a lovely dress. Once again, my love for hi-lo dresses is prevalent. I picture the top being silky, yet still keeping its tailored quality. While the skirt is very flowy. Also, I would love a dress with this cutout in the back! There is just something about leaving a bit of cloth to frame the back.

This is similar to the next look in silhouette, but has softer, more feminine lines. You can see how both this look and the next feature cutouts in the front. Cutouts in the back have been popular for the past few years, but I think they are intriguing when in front. This is a few years old, so this worked well when ombre was popular.


I really like the structured feel of this look. It is military inspired without being overtly so. This can be seen in the color choices and structure of the outfit. The opening in the front allows for some skin to show in this otherwise modest outfit. A look like this would be fun to wear for a day trip downtown.



Everyday Outfit #7

It is finally feeling a little bit cooler here in the Twin Cities. I really had an urge to wear my red fedora again. In this outfit I am wearing a dress from Cynthia Rae and a light jacket that ties in the front. The two colors go well together. It is hard to see that the cardigan has lace at the bottom of it. But I think it picks up some of the subtle designs in the dress. Plus I love how the red fedora balances all the navy.

Online Boutique Spotlight – MyHabit

MyHabit is a fashion site offering various sales. It was founded by It requires a free membership to join, and also offers free shipping and returns. MyHabit was created in response to consumer demand for direct buying from boutiques and designers. This allows the consumers to receive a discounted price. The items can range from very expensive to reasonable.

How it works: MyHabit has different sales, or events, everyday. They usually last a couple days, but many items sell out fast. So you have to continually check back to see if there is anything that you want. The price is a bit more expensive for most items, but is a steal compared to the original price. All the items offer 3d views and some even have videos. It is slightly inconvenient that you can’t try on the items. But since returns are free, you do not need to worry about getting stuck with an item that does not fit.

Examples: I thought you might all want to see what the site has to offer. So here are some of the sales currently on the site.

Beaded Chevron Necklace by La Croix Rousse. Original: $92 Now: $39


Wooden Reversible Adult Chair by Julie Brown. Original: $85 Now: $49

Tempt Sling Back by Rebecca Minkoff. Original: $275 Now: $138

Weekend Vacation Dress by Wenlan Women’s.  Original: $431 Now: $129

Structured Floral Cross-Body by Jason Wu. Original: $1,695 Now: $594


Pueblo Print Flounce Short by Whit. Original: $195 Now: $72

Patchwork Bucket Tote by Danielle Nicole. Original: $78 Now: $37

Felicity Motorcycle Boot by Dr. Martens. Original: $170 Now: $96


Burgundy Beaded Cone Necklace by MARNI. Original: $1260 Now: $350

What it’s best for: Stick to buying accessories, shoes, and handbags off this site. Most of the sales are on those items, but they do offer some clothing. Usually, I find, the clothing is not as cute nor as good of a deal as the shoes. This site is also a great place to find a name brand handbag.

McQueen Spring/Summer 2007

Sorry for the inactivity recently, my summer classes are just finishing up so I have had a lot of work to do. But I should be free to post more now!

Even though this show is from 2007, it remains to be my favorite McQueen runway show. The Alexander McQueen website posts videos of all their runway shows. It is a great way for those of us to see it who can’t experience it in person. McQueen was known for his unconventional shows, and creative director, Sarah Burton, continues his legacy today.

McQueen’s Spring and Summer 2007 collection is beyond timeless. It reminds me of the costumes from the Duchess. Anyone can appreciate the beauty of McQueen’s clothes in this video. I highly recommend you watch the whole thing. Enjoy!


*Image Courtesy of the Met Museum Blog

Sequin Shorts – Women’s Fashion

Let’s face it, sequins can look cheap. They are reminiscent of the flapper-inspired dance costumes when we were young, or those brightly colored hobo bags with the huge sequins. But that is the case with any fashion that is ‘glam’. There is a very fine line between tacky and eye-catching. Yet I have to admit, I am a huge fan of all things sequin.

I have a few tips for anyone who wants to pull of a sequin look. Splurge on your sequined items, or find nice, used ones at a thrift store. I have a great sequin jacket from Opitz, an outlet store, that I get a ton of compliments on. But I plan to save that jacket for a later post. It cost about $50, and was well worth it. The problem with cheaper sequins, is they are not stitched well onto the clothing. You want it to look like seamless fabric, not like there are plastic bits dangling off your clothing.

For this look, I kept it simple with my black top. The smooth silk contrasts well against the textured sequins. Then I added a few accessories for a unique and playful touch.

I love the way this maroon fedora brings out the golden tones in my shorts. Plus the feather on the hat reminds me of elements seen in my necklace. The feather brings out the white design in the bronze beads.

You can really see the bronze in my necklace in this picture. I know the blue does not really go with the rest of the outfit, but the bronze was too perfect. Plus it dressed the look down for daytime.

You can see my necklace in my Hi-Lo post. Accessories can transform any look, and you can see how different this necklace looks on this outfit.

This shirt is also the right proportion for the shorts. The shorts come up fairly high on my waist, while the top is cropped. It really allows me to show off more of the shorts. These are the same shoes from my Little White Dress post. they work well with so many outfits!

Shorts: Cliché – $58

Shoes: Piece Unique – $98

Top: Piece Unique

Fedora: Urban

Necklace: Mom’s Closet