Styling Tips for Men and Women


I have to say, this is probably my favorite shoot to work on so far! All the clothes are from Motto andOPM, both of which were fantastic boutiques to pull from. You can find Motto’s facebook here, and OPM’s facebook here. The amazing photographer Luke Schneider and makeup artist Miranda Nelson really made this shoot take off. Scroll through for my styling tips and enjoy the images =]!



I love the jacket that Daniel is wearing in this picture. It is a very way for a man to look very dress without being stuck in a stiff jacket. The material is extremely comfortable. The buttons and zipper closure add just a touch of detail completing the look. I paired this neutral jacket with a more colorful shirt and pants to keep it from being too cluttered.


I have definitely seen printed pants before, but none quite as fun as these. I never really caught on to the whole floral pant trend, it seemed to go over my head. These pants were amazing though. And the paint drop texture is very unique.



This is a very classic look I chose for Daniel. The jacket has trimmings of brown that match the hat he is holding. His shirt is a pretty basic grey sweatshirt, but the leather jacket keeps it from appearing too casual. And any man can’t go wrong with a pair of olive pants in their closet.



Kasey looked great in this dress. It fit the body like a glove. It probably has to be one of my favorite little, black dresses. The pattern on the dress is actually a very delicate laser cut-out which I hadn’t seen in the past.



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Katy Rogan – Fashion Photography

I apologize for the lack of posts these past 2/3 weeks. Life has been hectic with moving, starting a new job, and starting school. But we finally got internet in our new house, and my life is back on schedule. Expect a lot of posts from now on! And they will once again be posted on a regular basis.

The other day I got very excited to see some new shots by Katy Rogan. I featured her underwater  pictures on my blog a few weeks ago. Once again, my friend Megan Ishizu is in these new photographs. With her is my other close friend, Emily Byrne. I really enjoy how unique and beautiful their faces are. They add the right touch of contrast to the images with their different face shapes.

There is such a strong perspective behind this shoot. And the makeup is beyond superb. The summery, bright-eyed look of Megan’s face is really brightened by her white dress. I also enjoy how her hair is swept off her face and into a messy braid. The best close-up photograph of her is the one with the sun behind her and the feathers in her face. The light frames her face and really adds an intensity that could not have been possible with different makeup and lighting.

Emily’s looks is very different from Megan’s, but the two balance each other. And while Emily’s eye makeup is much stronger, it still evokes the same sense of intensity and framing. You can really see this in the close up image of her face. The black liner makes her eyes pop. And they are done with perfection. If you look closely, the curve of her makeup matches up with the curve of her eyebrow. It allows for an interesting framing technique. Eyeliner only on the bottom of the eye has been popping up all over the place. Definitely a new makeup trend for us to try.

I think these photos are awesome. They really draw me in and make me feel as though I am also out in the field. What do you think of these photos?

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One last note, I am looking for a new photographer in the Minneapolis area. Lexie is studying abroad this semester in Italy. If you or anyone you know would be willing to take pictures of me, please email me at No fashion photography experience is needed. Thanks!

How To Not Break Out After A Night Of Going Out

Happy Saturday everyone! I am sure many of you are getting ready to go out tonight — doing makeup, getting dressed, and pre-gaming. A night of drinking or even just staying up late can be very harsh on your skin. Particularly when you pass out the second you get home and do not have a chance to wash off your face. It can be hard to feel you look nice the next day. Luckily, with a few steps dull, next day skin can be prevented.

1. Drink Water: 
I know it may not be on your mind when you are out with friends, but try to take a bottle of water along in your purse. Drink it through the night to keep hydrated. I recommend MetroMint water. It is a bit more expensive, but the packaging is sleek. And the mint in the water acts like a breath mint. Your skin loves water, and your skin will love you when you drink it. At the very least, try to use orange juice instead of soda in mix drinks. Soda and orange juice are both very sugary, yet orange juice will not leave you dehydrated like soda. Drink water in the morning too, this is important if you forgot to drink any the night before.
*Image Courtesy

2. Wash Your Face: 
I can’t stress enough how important it is to wash your makeup off before going to sleep. Even if your makeup is oil-free and non-comedogenic, it will clog your pores. Try to get into the habit of taking your makeup off. I always think it is better to use a face wash and water, but consider buying facial cleansing wipes. You can leave them by your bedside table and quickly wipe off your makeup. These wipes can tend to break me out because they usually contain fragrance. Always buy fragrance-free face products when you can. Wipes are a good choice because you can also remove eye-makeup with them. Eye-makeup can lead to eye infections if you don’t wash it off. These Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes have good reviews on They only cost about $10 for a 25 pack. Find them here. 

3. Moisturize
Like I said, your skin loves water and hydration. So after removing your makeup, do not forget to apply moisturizer. This will make your face much fresher in the morning, and is a crucial step in the process. Trust me, your skin will thank you. Moisturizer will particularly help with the dullness the next day. My preferred choice for moisturizer is Mary Kay’s Age-Fighting moisturizer. It is for normal to dry skin. Purchase a moisturizer intended for dry skin for your nights out. Even if you usually have oily skin, your face will want the added moisture. You can find it on Amazon for $13, but I recommend going through a Mary Kay salesperson. You can find it here. 

For more tips on clear skin, click here. 

Women’s Hair Trends – Colored Roots

Have you been craving a new, edgy hairstyle? If you are a daring person, you may consider taking inspiration from both Haider Ackerman’s and Jean Paul Gaultier’s fall 2012 runway shows. Both designers gave their models colored roots; this is not the usual ombre hair we have become accustomed to. And unless your hair is blue, then there is nothing natural about this look.

The past couple of years have been about coloring a few ends a bold color, or donning a head full of pastel locks. But designers stepped out of the box this fall to bring out bold roots. This is a trend for very few. If is definitely something I know I can’t pull off! It can be fun to experiment with a trend like this, because not many people will be rocking the same style.

Here are a few examples from both these runway shows to give you a good idea of this trend. I like the last picture by Jean Paul Gaultier. I think the roots look professionally done, and the red works well with her dark hair. On the other hand, his other looks remind me of skunks. Haider Ackerman takes a subdued approach to colored roots. Also, can I please get my hands on that red sweater dress? So flattering!

Haider Ackerman:

Jean Paul Gaultier: 

*All images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue 


-If you want to try something new

-If you have the confidence to pull it off

-If your style is edgy

-If you want to completely reinvent your look


-If your look is classic

-If you don’t want to damage your hair with bleach or color

-If your job does not allow crazy hair color

-If you think you would look insane (like I would)

Will you be trying this look in the fall? Leave a comment and let me know what hair trend you are dying to try! 

**I recommend visiting a professional hair stylist to dye your hair for you.

An Eyeliner That Lasts

We all know the annoyance of shelling out too much money for eyeliners that do not last. When you look in the mirror at the end of the night, it is usually smudged all around your eye. I have tried a wide variety of eyeliners, and have finally found a kind that lasts. Cream, also called gel, eyeliner is a miracle. And what I have found, is that most cream eyeliners are good quality. Even the types I use from drugstores.

A cream liner can be trickier to apply than your regular pencil line, but creates a much smoother, defined line. The final appearance is similar to that of liquid eyeliner. But unlike liquid, there is more leeway for messing up. If I accidentally get a weird mark above the line I want, I can just wipe it off. Once the cream dries, it stays in place.

Most cream liners come with a small,angled brush included. If you have ever wanted to create the cat-eye look, it is easy with this brush. The brushes that come with the liners are usually cheap and create a heavier line. If you want a thinner line, just look for a thinner angled brush. Product builds up on the brushes, so it is important to always wash them off after use. Otherwise you are left with a brush that does not apply the makeup well.

My favorite cream eyeliner was by Loreal H.I.P. And I am not sure if they discontinued the product, but I have been unable to find it in stores. I switched over to a liner by Maybeline EyeStudio. This achieves the same look as the Loreal product, but the brush is not as good. The only cream liner I did not like is by Smashbox. I recieved 4 cream liners in an eyeshadow pallet. The pigment did show up well, I had to apply the liner multiple times, and it quickly faded. Here is another picture of me wearing Maybeline’s cream liner. For more information about my makeup in this picture, go here.

Tip: Before applying your eyeliner, always apply a primer. Then dust over the eye makeup primer with a neutral eyeshadow or one in the color of your choosing. Apply the liner, getting slightly thicker towards the outside of your eye. Finally, brush on some mascara and your look is good to go!

How To: Get a Salon Style Blowout at Home

We all wish that our hair could always look exactly how it does after we leave the salon. But it can be cumbersome to hold a blow dryer and round brush when you are trying to style your own hair. It definitely never ends with the same result as the salon. I personally have tried many times with this method and never succeeded. Then I stumbled upon a styling tool called a hot air brush. Many different brands make them, but I purchased the John Frieda JFHA5 hot air brush. It can be found on for $31.

It was easy to accomplish the salon blowout look on my first try with the John Frieda hot air brush. I just watched a few youtube videos ahead of time of a traditional blowout. I used the same techniques they used with the round brush with my hot air brush. It creates a bunch of volume. If you have shorter hair, you can easily pump up your roots. I find that with long hair, it is easier to concentrate on the ends. If not, then the ends no not curl as well. And luckily it does not take long to do, maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

*Image courtesy of

1. Use styling products. I used two products one by Aquage and one by Biomega. Aquage actually owns Biomega. The two products I used were Aquage silkening oil treatment and Biomega behave. I plan to do more in depth reviews on these products in the future.

2. Comb hair while damp. Never brush your hair while it is at all wet, or you will break off the ends. But combing before hand helps the hot air brush to slide through cleanly without being tangled.

3. Wait for hair to get 95% dry. You want your hair to feel a tiny bit damp, but mostly dry. The hot air brush does not have enough power to dry hour hair for you.

4. Curl your hair around the round brush. Continue to curl the ends over and over again. Remember to keep some tension as you are pulling down.

5. Use the cool air option to help seal in shine. Twist ends with your hands, any remaining product will help the ends be extra shiny.

6. If your hair tends to frizz, or not keep shape well, then spritz on some hairspray to make the style last.

One note, is that I tried this on my roommate who has fine hair. Her hair did not curl as much as mine, but it still added body and shine. Do you think you will try a hot air brush? If you have used one, what is your experience?

Supermodel in a Bottle – Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

We have all lusted after the perfectly dewy complexion that seems impossible to achieve. But I have found a cosmetic secret for us all that will make your skin glow. The key is purchasing the right luminizer. My personal favorite is High Beam by Benefit cosmetics. I received mine in a gift box from Sephora. Could you really go wrong with a product that is nicknamed ‘supermodel in a bottle?’ The bottle only costs $26 and could easily last you 8 months or more since it is a special occasion item.

When applying High Beam, do not put the brush directly to your skin. First wash your hands, dab the brush on the back of your hand, and then use a finger to lightly dab it onto the areas you want to highlight. If you directly use the brush, you risk contaminating the entire bottle which leads to breakouts. If it comes on to strong, use a make up sponge or foundation brush to help blend.
*Image Courtesy of 

In this image you can see the Benefit High Beam on my cheekbone under the area of my eye. To contour your face add highlight above your cheekbone, down the bridge of your nose, and above your lips. High Beam looks great above lips due to the pinky color. It will give you more of a pout and make your lips appear larger. It will soften your overall face and make you appear more awake.

Another great luminizer is Albatross by Nars Cosmetics. It comes in a makeup compact and is in a powder form. Use this type of luminizer when applying it to your inner eye. A liquid luminizer can run, and you really do not want that to get in your eye. I also find it works better for applying under the brow line. Albatross is more golden and less pinky than High Beam. Try to find a luminizer with a golden base if you have a warm skin tone.

Here is a quick way to decide if you have a warm or cool skin tone. Look at the veins on your wrist, if they appear blue you have a cool skin tone, and if they are green then you have a warm skin tone. This can be hard to see sometimes, but works in most cases.

You can also see how High Beam looks in the images of me from my Little White Dress article.

Tips for Great Hair: Beer? Vinegar? WHAT?

You know that drunk guy next to you at a concert waving his beer around? You can’t help but get annoyed at the fact he is messing up your hair, clothes, and makeup while making you reek of alcohol. But strangely enough, beer has great benefits for the hair. There are two strange hair products making their wave on the internet, one is beer and the other is apple cider vinegar. I have tried both, so I can give you my honest opinion on them.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Who is it for– Women with straight, unprocessed hair.
Pros– Really bumps up the shine and volume in your hair. It gets rid of product buildup and can help with dandruff. You will feel an instant lightness to your hair as you pour the vinegar. It is also really inexpensive; a little goes a long way.
Cons- Can smell very strongly. It would make my bathroom smell after using. The smell goes away as your hair dries, but I would get very paranoid when I would begin to sweat. I recommend using this in the drier months of winter. Slightly stripped my hair of hair dye, not everyone has this problem.
How to use- Dilute the vinegar before applying to your hair. You can experiment with what works for you, but maybe 2 Tablespoons per 8 ounces of water to start. I would put mine in a tea canister to slowly poor over my hair. Use after you put in conditioner and then rinse.

*Image Courtesy of


Who is it for- Women with curly or color-treated hair.
Pros- Helped to define my curls and added moisture to my dry ends. Does not smell as strongly as the ACV did. No sign of color stripping either.
Cons-Can be more expensive that ACV. Most people choose ACV over beer, although I strongly preferred the beer.
How to use- Buy a 6 pack of a light beer, such as Coors Light, and let it sit overnight so it is flat. Pour on hair after conditioner, let sit for a minute or two, rinse.

Here is a picture of my hair right after using this treatment. My curls were more defined and shiny.
Use these treatments once a week or every other week. Your hair will love you for trying out this DIY trick!

July Birchbox

My July Birchbox came yesterday, and I finally got the chance to open it today. I tried a few of the items already. The samples in this Birchbox seem smaller than my other ones but I could be imagining that.

The packaging for these boxes is always designed very well.

And they come all wrapped up, which is what I mean when I say it feels like getting a present once a month.

See It: This is a tube of Stila lip glaze. The description from my birch box says, “This sparkly gloss from the limited edition It’s Go Time Lip Glaze Trio combines sheer color with mega-watt shine.” A set of 3, costs $12. I will write my own review once I use this–probably next weekend.

See It: This Luminizing Moisture Tint is described as being, “a shortcut to dewy skin that feels natural and looks gorgeous.” I am really excited to try it out and will write another post about it. A full-size bottle costs #38.

Hear it: This was the best find in my July Birchbox. I really need a new set of headhones to wear, plus I really like the bold colors. I haven’t used them yet, so I am unsure of the sound quality. These were a Birchbox Exclusive, “We designed these neon headphones just for you. Pair them with your best playlist.”

Taste It: This is a new version of the Larabar. I am already a big fan of these bars because they are gluten free. I had not tried their Roasted Nut Roll until today.  I think I prefer the taste of the original bars, but these seem to pack more protein. They also taste similar to a more traditional food bar. This is probably a good bar if you need a quick, healthy snack. 1 bar is 130 calories. A pack of 5 costs $12.99.

Touch It: According to Birchbox, “This finishing gloss prevents UV rays from fading color while organic bamboo extracts keep hair strong and soft.” You can use it on either dry or wet hair. I will probably use this next time I plan on going to the beach. I have a few hair products from previous Birchboxes I still need to try. A full-size bottle costs $24.

Smell It: This is the new Oscar de la Renta, Live in Love, perfume. In my opinion, it is reminiscent of a cologne more so than the traditional perfume. That is what I really like about this perfume. Some perfumes can be overwhelming but this takes on a more natural smell. The description says, “This elegant floral layers notes of hyacinth and orchid over a rich base of sandalwood and cedar.” Full size is from $25 to $78.

Expect to hear more about these products as I test them out!

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick – Women’s Makeup

My sister gave me a 3-month subscription to Birchbox for my birthday this year. Birchbox mails you five samples a month for $10 a month. You can edit your profile which helps customize the items you receive in your box. Birchbox works well for all types of women; whether you are too busy to search for products yourself, you want to try different makeup, or if you love to discover new products. Plus who does not love to receive packages? It is like getting a present once a month. This month in my box, I received an Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Petrol Blue.

The Eyeko Fat Eye Stick costs around $16; you can find it here on Asos.


*Image from Asos

This is how it looked when I applied it. The petrol color looks best on women with blue or brown eyes. The gold color is perfect for women with both blue or green eyes. You can also see how this eyeliner looks in my images from my Little White Dress article.



-Intense, long-lasting color

-No need to sharpen (twists up)

-Relatively inexpensive

-Can be easily smudged for that smoky eye look


-The thickness of the stick can be difficult to apply with

-Tends to smudge and run if you get sweaty


I recommend this to people who are fairly skilled at applying eyeliner since it can be difficult. Also to those who are always wanting to produce dramatic makeup looks when you go out. If you tend to only wear light makeup, then this is not the eyeliner for you. Instead try a thinner, neutral liner. It may not be the best product out there, but it is a good item to have when you want to experiment with your makeup. It would make a good gift for your makeup loving friends. Will you be trying the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick?