Styling Tips for Men and Women


I have to say, this is probably my favorite shoot to work on so far! All the clothes are from Motto andOPM, both of which were fantastic boutiques to pull from. You can find Motto’s facebook here, and OPM’s facebook here. The amazing photographer Luke Schneider and makeup artist Miranda Nelson really made this shoot take off. Scroll through for my styling tips and enjoy the images =]!



I love the jacket that Daniel is wearing in this picture. It is a very way for a man to look very dress without being stuck in a stiff jacket. The material is extremely comfortable. The buttons and zipper closure add just a touch of detail completing the look. I paired this neutral jacket with a more colorful shirt and pants to keep it from being too cluttered.


I have definitely seen printed pants before, but none quite as fun as these. I never really caught on to the whole floral pant trend, it seemed to go over my head. These pants were amazing though. And the paint drop texture is very unique.



This is a very classic look I chose for Daniel. The jacket has trimmings of brown that match the hat he is holding. His shirt is a pretty basic grey sweatshirt, but the leather jacket keeps it from appearing too casual. And any man can’t go wrong with a pair of olive pants in their closet.



Kasey looked great in this dress. It fit the body like a glove. It probably has to be one of my favorite little, black dresses. The pattern on the dress is actually a very delicate laser cut-out which I hadn’t seen in the past.



Check out this link for the behind the scenes video of the shoot! And don’t forget to follow me on my new facebook page!


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