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In a few of my past posts, I wore my grandmother’s belt. You can see that here. For these pictures, I decided to wear one of her old jackets. I own very few of my grandmother’s clothes, and this jacket is by far my favorite piece of clothing. It is beautiful and timeless. And it creates an image of my grandmother in my mind. She passed away when I was a few months old, and I never got the chance to meet her. But being able to wear her clothes makes me feel very connected to someone who obviously knew quite a bit about style.

Here is a picture of her:

This fan was given to me by brother. He bought it while he was in China. It kind of makes me wonder why we don’t use fans anymore. They would be such fun accessories for a variety of outfits. Not to mention, they would help keep us cool on hot days. I think the design on this fan is exquisite.

These pictures are from the bluffs in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The color of the landscape in the background really balances the gold in the jacket.

This scarf is also from China. But it was given to me by my friend Tim Liu. It’s the perfect summer scarf and will never go out of style. It reminds me of scarves that have been worn for years. It may not be a very popular style right now, but I love to wear it with a lot of outfits.

I think this photo shows the shape of the jacket well. It is a heavy, suede material which helps it hold it’s shape. The length is a good length on me. When shopping for jackets similar to this, find something in a medium length. Especially if it has shorter sleeves too. If the jacket was longer, the sleeves would not look balanced.

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