The Little White Dress

We all have a Little Black Dress stashed away in our closet for special occasions. But just as important as the LBD is the Little White Dress–especially in the summer months. Wearing a white dress makes you appear youthful, innocent, and carefree. Not to mention it adds stunning contrast against your sun-kissed skin. You can wear any style of shoe with a white dress, just keep it consistent with style elements. The shoes I wore were black, but they were still strappy which went well with the bohemian style of my dress. If your dress is modern and simple then choose a platform or flat in a solid, bright color.

Lexie and I had our first photo shoot. We went down to the Stone Arch Bridge to snap some photos with Minneapolis as the backdrop. This is definitely the best view of the city. This is my little white dress that I got this year for my birthday. It is my first dress from Dolce Vita, and I have to say I am a fan.


This belt was my Grandmother’s. I thought it worked well with the dress, and it is my favorite belt. It also has the same sort of metal as my necklace.


This cute couple suggested I stand on the railing for a cool shot. I am good at walking in heels, but not that good.


Feather earrings were a huge fad from last spring. So how do you choose fad items that can give you more use than just one season? Choose items with classic elements. The very natural feel to these earrings make them a long-lasting piece. They were also handmade and given to me by my old boss–talent.


And finally some pretty flowers! =]

Dress: Kate Spade
Shoes: Piece Unique
ecklace: Piece Unique


15 thoughts on “The Little White Dress

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