Made In India? – Chanel

Chanel’s pre-fall collection for 2012 was excellence in a clothing line. It may be old news but I have not had the opportunity to discuss just how beautiful these clothes are. In case you do not know, the eccentric Karl Lagerfeld is the current creative director for Chanel. Lagerfeld continues to push the norm and standards of fashion. It is no secret that recognition of minorities has been slow in the fashion world. Women of color are rarely featured in magazines compared to their white counterparts. But that is why Karl Lagerfeld’s pre-fall line is such an exciting statement. His entire line is inspired by India.

Not only can you see the traditional Indian influences but also the contrasting juxtaposition created by Britain’s Imperialism.  The British influences are seen in the streamlined jackets, neutral colors, and stiff skirts. While the Indian influences appear in the form of fluid dresses, bolder colors, and intricate head pieces. Lagerfeld also drew upon Parisian fashion for this collection. To me, it is reminiscent of 1920’s French couture. And while most blogs comment on the Parisian and Indian influences, I feel it is impossible to view this line without breaching the subject of the British influences. For such a well known designer and brand to create this collection, we are able to see the trends occurring in the fashion industry. Hopefully more designers clue into how gorgeous culturally inspired clothing can be.

In this first image, you can see the traditional influences. This garment flows beautifully.


The choice of luxurious fabrics and silhouettes throughout the line screams of Paris.

This menswear item expresses the contrast between British Imperialism and traditional India. His headpiece represents the old, while his traditional jacket represents the new. And here are some more items for you to decide what you think about this line:

What do you think of this trend? Will other designers be continually influenced by other cultures? Will fashion incorporate more diversity in the future?

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