Trend Alert: Hi Lo Dresses and Gladiator Sandals

The Hi Lo, or as some call it the mullet, dress is making waves in fashion this season. I received my first Hi Lo dress last May as a birthday gift from my mom. When I was younger, I would draw a ton of dresses in this style. Since my mom is awesome, she bought me the first Hi Lo dress she could find because it reminded her of my old drawings.

The Hi Low is an eye catching dress.You have the ability to show off your legs without feeling immodest. It flows beautifully behind you as you descend a staircase. So really, if you know somewhere with a dramatic staircase, plan to wear a dress of this style (I recommend the Minneapolis Institute of Arts). It is not your traditional princess dress, but something about the cut makes you feel beyond elegant. It is easy to throw on during the summer without looking sloppy. Wear it to art galleries and museums, shopping, or for an evening out. With the current popularity of this cut, it is easy to find casual or formal options.

This is one of my two Hi Lo dresses. The one my mom got me is purple, but this was made by my lovely boss Cynthia. I love the way it looks against the waterfalls, and the way the light filters through the sheer material.

Gladiator Sandals. I know they seem so four years ago. I actually had these when I was about 16 or 17, but did not really start wearing them until this year. They give a free spirited look to outfits that no other shoes can. I have received a positive reaction from people when wearing them, so I think it is time this trend returned. If you still have some gladiator sandals from a few years ago, strap them on and stroll around like the greek goddess that you are.

It is hard to see, but I am wearing my grandmother’s belt once again! It is crazy how the same accessory can create such a different look on two different dresses. I always encourage people to mix up their accessories with clothes they would not have thought of before. You may be surprised with the result.

I had never tried this chunky necklace with this dress before, but the style and colors blended together seamlessly. It is technically my mom’s, but she is lending it to me for an unknown amount of time (not sure if I ever want to give it back). Chunky jewelry works well with bold outfits. A small or delicate necklace would have been swallowed by this dress.

Dress: Cynthia Rae
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Mom’s closet
Belt: Grandmother’s


5 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Hi Lo Dresses and Gladiator Sandals

  1. I think you did right by saving those sandals! I can’t believe you’ve held on to them… Anyway the look is great together! I did a hi-lo Grafitti OOTD post, unfortunately my dresss had to be turned into a skirt…:(

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