Sequin Shorts – Women’s Fashion

Let’s face it, sequins can look cheap. They are reminiscent of the flapper-inspired dance costumes when we were young, or those brightly colored hobo bags with the huge sequins. But that is the case with any fashion that is ‘glam’. There is a very fine line between tacky and eye-catching. Yet I have to admit, I am a huge fan of all things sequin.

I have a few tips for anyone who wants to pull of a sequin look. Splurge on your sequined items, or find nice, used ones at a thrift store. I have a great sequin jacket from Opitz, an outlet store, that I get a ton of compliments on. But I plan to save that jacket for a later post. It cost about $50, and was well worth it. The problem with cheaper sequins, is they are not stitched well onto the clothing. You want it to look like seamless fabric, not like there are plastic bits dangling off your clothing.

For this look, I kept it simple with my black top. The smooth silk contrasts well against the textured sequins. Then I added a few accessories for a unique and playful touch.

I love the way this maroon fedora brings out the golden tones in my shorts. Plus the feather on the hat reminds me of elements seen in my necklace. The feather brings out the white design in the bronze beads.

You can really see the bronze in my necklace in this picture. I know the blue does not really go with the rest of the outfit, but the bronze was too perfect. Plus it dressed the look down for daytime.

You can see my necklace in my Hi-Lo post. Accessories can transform any look, and you can see how different this necklace looks on this outfit.

This shirt is also the right proportion for the shorts. The shorts come up fairly high on my waist, while the top is cropped. It really allows me to show off more of the shorts. These are the same shoes from my Little White Dress post. they work well with so many outfits!

Shorts: Cliché – $58

Shoes: Piece Unique – $98

Top: Piece Unique

Fedora: Urban

Necklace: Mom’s Closet


7 thoughts on “Sequin Shorts – Women’s Fashion

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  2. Just bought sequin shorts, for such an amazing price too. Ill have to post them so you can seee.!!!! And youre right about sequins looking cheap, sometimes it boggles me to see stores that sell dresses or any item of clothing with sequins that reflect light where they turn all “rainbowy”….it just looks cheap. But I dig yours! 😉 Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it and hope you check back on my blog more often. I def will yours! 😉

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