Eyeko Fat Eye Stick – Women’s Makeup

My sister gave me a 3-month subscription to Birchbox for my birthday this year. Birchbox mails you five samples a month for $10 a month. You can edit your profile which helps customize the items you receive in your box. Birchbox works well for all types of women; whether you are too busy to search for products yourself, you want to try different makeup, or if you love to discover new products. Plus who does not love to receive packages? It is like getting a present once a month. This month in my box, I received an Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in Petrol Blue.

The Eyeko Fat Eye Stick costs around $16; you can find it here on Asos.


*Image from Asos

This is how it looked when I applied it. The petrol color looks best on women with blue or brown eyes. The gold color is perfect for women with both blue or green eyes. You can also see how this eyeliner looks in my images from my Little White Dress article.



-Intense, long-lasting color

-No need to sharpen (twists up)

-Relatively inexpensive

-Can be easily smudged for that smoky eye look


-The thickness of the stick can be difficult to apply with

-Tends to smudge and run if you get sweaty


I recommend this to people who are fairly skilled at applying eyeliner since it can be difficult. Also to those who are always wanting to produce dramatic makeup looks when you go out. If you tend to only wear light makeup, then this is not the eyeliner for you. Instead try a thinner, neutral liner. It may not be the best product out there, but it is a good item to have when you want to experiment with your makeup. It would make a good gift for your makeup loving friends. Will you be trying the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick?


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