Fashion Design – Women’s Clothing

Here are some of my older designs from around 2010. I design really sporadically, and these are from one of those random times.

This drawing was inspired by a random poster in my dorm room freshman year. It is rather quirky, but is a lovely dress. Once again, my love for hi-lo dresses is prevalent. I picture the top being silky, yet still keeping its tailored quality. While the skirt is very flowy. Also, I would love a dress with this cutout in the back! There is just something about leaving a bit of cloth to frame the back.

This is similar to the next look in silhouette, but has softer, more feminine lines. You can see how both this look and the next feature cutouts in the front. Cutouts in the back have been popular for the past few years, but I think they are intriguing when in front. This is a few years old, so this worked well when ombre was popular.


I really like the structured feel of this look. It is military inspired without being overtly so. This can be seen in the color choices and structure of the outfit. The opening in the front allows for some skin to show in this otherwise modest outfit. A look like this would be fun to wear for a day trip downtown.




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