Women’s Hair Trends – Colored Roots

Have you been craving a new, edgy hairstyle? If you are a daring person, you may consider taking inspiration from both Haider Ackerman’s and Jean Paul Gaultier’s fall 2012 runway shows. Both designers gave their models colored roots; this is not the usual ombre hair we have become accustomed to. And unless your hair is blue, then there is nothing natural about this look.

The past couple of years have been about coloring a few ends a bold color, or donning a head full of pastel locks. But designers stepped out of the box this fall to bring out bold roots. This is a trend for very few. If is definitely something I know I can’t pull off! It can be fun to experiment with a trend like this, because not many people will be rocking the same style.

Here are a few examples from both these runway shows to give you a good idea of this trend. I like the last picture by Jean Paul Gaultier. I think the roots look professionally done, and the red works well with her dark hair. On the other hand, his other looks remind me of skunks. Haider Ackerman takes a subdued approach to colored roots. Also, can I please get my hands on that red sweater dress? So flattering!

Haider Ackerman:

Jean Paul Gaultier: 

*All images courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue 


-If you want to try something new

-If you have the confidence to pull it off

-If your style is edgy

-If you want to completely reinvent your look


-If your look is classic

-If you don’t want to damage your hair with bleach or color

-If your job does not allow crazy hair color

-If you think you would look insane (like I would)

Will you be trying this look in the fall? Leave a comment and let me know what hair trend you are dying to try! 

**I recommend visiting a professional hair stylist to dye your hair for you.


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