An Eyeliner That Lasts

We all know the annoyance of shelling out too much money for eyeliners that do not last. When you look in the mirror at the end of the night, it is usually smudged all around your eye. I have tried a wide variety of eyeliners, and have finally found a kind that lasts. Cream, also called gel, eyeliner is a miracle. And what I have found, is that most cream eyeliners are good quality. Even the types I use from drugstores.

A cream liner can be trickier to apply than your regular pencil line, but creates a much smoother, defined line. The final appearance is similar to that of liquid eyeliner. But unlike liquid, there is more leeway for messing up. If I accidentally get a weird mark above the line I want, I can just wipe it off. Once the cream dries, it stays in place.

Most cream liners come with a small,angled brush included. If you have ever wanted to create the cat-eye look, it is easy with this brush. The brushes that come with the liners are usually cheap and create a heavier line. If you want a thinner line, just look for a thinner angled brush. Product builds up on the brushes, so it is important to always wash them off after use. Otherwise you are left with a brush that does not apply the makeup well.

My favorite cream eyeliner was by Loreal H.I.P. And I am not sure if they discontinued the product, but I have been unable to find it in stores. I switched over to a liner by Maybeline EyeStudio. This achieves the same look as the Loreal product, but the brush is not as good. The only cream liner I did not like is by Smashbox. I recieved 4 cream liners in an eyeshadow pallet. The pigment did show up well, I had to apply the liner multiple times, and it quickly faded. Here is another picture of me wearing Maybeline’s cream liner. For more information about my makeup in this picture, go here.

Tip: Before applying your eyeliner, always apply a primer. Then dust over the eye makeup primer with a neutral eyeshadow or one in the color of your choosing. Apply the liner, getting slightly thicker towards the outside of your eye. Finally, brush on some mascara and your look is good to go!

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