The 2 Must-Have Hat Styles of Summer

1. The Classic Fedora

This menswear-inspired hat flatters any face shape. It is a very cool, careless fashion. And guys love a girl in a fedora. Maybe it is because it is something they can relate to; whereas, most women’s fashion’s are a bizarre and different world to them. A fedora is very versatile. You can wear it with a dress, or keep it casual with jean shorts and a band tee. This hat can satisfy women with a variety of different tastes. Plus the fedora has been around for decades, so if you plan to splurge on a nice hat, choose a fedora. You will not have to worry about only getting one season of use!

You can see me wearing the same fedora in two of my outfit posts. Here and here. For your own fedora, you should check out this one by ArdenB. It is only $20, and I love the tiny buckle detail.
*Image courtesy of

2. The Black Sun Hat

Nobody shows how fun and mysterious a Sun Hat can be than Samantha in the Sex and the City Movie. If you haven’t already seen the scene of Samantha spying on her sexy neighbor, then you can see it below. It begins at about the 3:50 mark. Having a black sun hat adds an even greater air of mystery to your persona. Go for an over-sized style like Samantha did. A black hat can be worn to fancier events. I am not talking about wearing it to a nightclub, but wear one if you are going for happy hour on a rooftop. Or wear to the beach if your swimsuit or coverup has black in it. You will notice many curious glances coming your way!

If you want to try this style, consider buying this one from Amazon. It is only $33.

*Image courtesy

This is neither a black sun hat nor a fedora. However, this picture can give you an idea about how important hats are to topping off your outfit. My outfit and this picture would not be complete with out my hat.

What hat style will you be rocking this summer? What will you be wearing it with? Leave me a comment and let me know!


3 thoughts on “The 2 Must-Have Hat Styles of Summer

  1. I agree! My fedora in (Blues Look with out the Blues OOTD post) and flopping black hats are my favs in the summer….

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