Everyday Outfit #6

I love a knit maxi skirt. They are easy to throw on and always look chic. Today I wore my Hi-Lo skirt, which has the same feel as a maxi skirt, but is more appropriate for this sizzling hot weather. This Hi-Lo skirt is dressed down with the top and flats I paired it with. When I wear it with a tighter, black top and the right accessories, it creates a nighttime look. Almost any outfit can be transformed from day to night. Always challenge yourself when putting together outfits. And never forget the power of the right accessory!

ImageTops that billow out like this look good with high waisted skirts or pants. You can see my shoes from Bakers that I talked about in my Cute Shoes For Summer article! A thin belt looks better with long skirts and dresses. A thick belt can break up the silhouette in an unflattering way. Plus a thicker belt would look too structured with this outfit. The small belt helps me to show my waist without breaking up the fluidity and motion.

Today at work, I had my first caricature done! What a fun skill that would be to have.



6 thoughts on “Everyday Outfit #6

  1. Feel like we have similar style and both have curly hair! 🙂 haha i love this outfit, and you are right, this outfit can be for day OR night. great job! Would love to get a follow from you and for you to check out my blog!


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