Trend Alert: Preppy Peplum

Preppy Peplum
This feminine style is appearing all over the runways and fashion magazines. The right peplum can give your body a flattering shape. If you have larger hips, then stick to a less exaggerated peplum. You want it to enhance your curves, not distract from them. If you have smaller hips, then consider a peplum skirt rather than top which will flare out lower on your body.
Peplum tops and skirts create a very graphic look. So when styling your outfit, choose more graphic accessories. Avoid soft or small accessories that will not stand out. Look for necklaces with bold color or shapes. Pair the necklace with earrings that are simple and standout. A neutral color is better for a graphic earring, think black or metallic.
This has to be the best peplum look I have seen so far. I love how the colors work well together and her trousers are perfection. The outfit I have created is very feminine. To make it more daring, change out the flats for studded pumps. Then throw on a pair of black, skinny pants. Adding pants and a leather jacket with black boots will allow this style to survive into the fall and winter.
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