Everyday Outfit #5

I was inspired today to tie my shirt in the front by In Style With Stylebabe’s blog post. Also, my friend Amanda wears this look a lot. Tying your shirt at your waist, can make a skirt look more casual. It also adds shape to your body; it cinches your waist and creates an hourglass figure. Pair a tied blouse with a fuller skirt. I then offset the blue of my outfit with some red accents. It is hard to see my shoes, but they are red, white, and blue boat shoes. This would have been a perfect Fourth of July outfit.

In the future, I will do an in-depth blog about how to wear a boyfriend shirt in a variety of styles. This is my classic, preppy style.


3 thoughts on “Everyday Outfit #5

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  2. Such A Cute outfit ~ I thank you for the mention. This trendy style is so popular. Yet I can’t get over this trend either. Your right they add so much to the figure which is worth wearing. Great blog btw.

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