How To: Get a Salon Style Blowout at Home

We all wish that our hair could always look exactly how it does after we leave the salon. But it can be cumbersome to hold a blow dryer and round brush when you are trying to style your own hair. It definitely never ends with the same result as the salon. I personally have tried many times with this method and never succeeded. Then I stumbled upon a styling tool called a hot air brush. Many different brands make them, but I purchased the John Frieda JFHA5 hot air brush. It can be found on for $31.

It was easy to accomplish the salon blowout look on my first try with the John Frieda hot air brush. I just watched a few youtube videos ahead of time of a traditional blowout. I used the same techniques they used with the round brush with my hot air brush. It creates a bunch of volume. If you have shorter hair, you can easily pump up your roots. I find that with long hair, it is easier to concentrate on the ends. If not, then the ends no not curl as well. And luckily it does not take long to do, maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

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1. Use styling products. I used two products one by Aquage and one by Biomega. Aquage actually owns Biomega. The two products I used were Aquage silkening oil treatment and Biomega behave. I plan to do more in depth reviews on these products in the future.

2. Comb hair while damp. Never brush your hair while it is at all wet, or you will break off the ends. But combing before hand helps the hot air brush to slide through cleanly without being tangled.

3. Wait for hair to get 95% dry. You want your hair to feel a tiny bit damp, but mostly dry. The hot air brush does not have enough power to dry hour hair for you.

4. Curl your hair around the round brush. Continue to curl the ends over and over again. Remember to keep some tension as you are pulling down.

5. Use the cool air option to help seal in shine. Twist ends with your hands, any remaining product will help the ends be extra shiny.

6. If your hair tends to frizz, or not keep shape well, then spritz on some hairspray to make the style last.

One note, is that I tried this on my roommate who has fine hair. Her hair did not curl as much as mine, but it still added body and shine. Do you think you will try a hot air brush? If you have used one, what is your experience?


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