Project Runway Season 10 Premiere

Thursday was the premier of Project Runway season 10. I have to say that Project Runway has gone downhill in recent years. They seem to focus more on the cattiness rather than the actual clothing. Lauren Graham was great in Gilmore Girls, but she was a strange choice in guest judge. She did not seem to know much about fashion and her comments were one-dimensional. Nor was her commentary very constructive for the designers. Hopefully this season improves from the first episode. But I guess every show has it’s expiration date.

Did you tune in to watch the premier? Who was your favorite designer? Your least favorite?

Here are some of my favorites:

*all images from

This is by the winning designer from last night, Christopher. It is hard to see in this image, but the dress flowed beautifully. He really knows how to manipulate fabric.

Sequin maxi dress anyone? This is Dimtry’s design.

My personal favorite designer is Melissa. Her designs are just so chic!

My least favorites:

The designer Kooan has a unique point of view, I will give him that. But it seems like the show just found him for entertainment because he is crazy. I could be wrong, and he might wow us all with amazing designs later on in the show.

This design is from the losing designer, Lantie. What was she thinking with this outfit? And the snakeskin flap in the front, gross.

Holy Clown! My least favorite designer had to be Andrea. Her clothes were not flattering on the body, nor were they very stylish.


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