Cute Shoes for Summer

Summer is coming to an end, but we still have the best weeks ahead of us. Everyone begins to realize that their time is dwindling and desire to make the best of it. With the heat and casual nature of summer it can be tempting to slip on a pair of flip flops every time you go out. Flip flops are great for the beach, but they are not real shoes. Sandals and flats, at least for me, only last about one summer. I do a lot of walking and wear them out to festivals, so they fall apart quickly.

Trendy shoes are your best choice for summer. Since they usually do not last long, there is no reason to splurge on a classic style. If you live in the Minneapolis area, Heartbreaker is stocked full of a plethora of trendy, inexpensive sandals. My favorite sandals this year are from Bakers. They were on sale for $20, but still look fancy. Sandals and flats go on sale by this time of year making it easy to find deals. I went ahead and did some searching for you!

These shoes from Bakers are only $20, originally they were $52. The only sizes left are 9 and 10.
*Image from


I found this great online clothing store called Madewell. These sandals are for the casual dresser, but the pink adds intrigue. They are $59.50.

*Image from

Here is a fancier flat from Madewell for a night out. Wear them with a pale yellow dress if you are going on a date. They cost $98.
*Image from

These flats work well for school, if you are taking summer classes, or for more professional situations. They are the perfect shoe for an airy, floral dress. They are $17.99 on Amazon.
*Image courtesy of

Here is an image of the shoes I have from Bakers. It does not really show how cute they are, but I will attempt to post a better picture in the future!


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