Trend Alert: Maxi Dresses for Every Season

The maxi dress. Easily the most glamorous throw-on outfit that every women should own. In the summer, you do not even need to think about creating your own outfit to look fabulous. A good maxi dress does all the work for you! With the right leather jacket and doc martens, you can transform a maroon, forest green, or navy blue maxi dress into a winter or fall outfit. Wear leggings underneath to help keep you warm.

If your maxi dress is thin and very summery, then pair it with a thick, chunky sweater. It will offset the fluidity of the dress. Not to mention you will need the warmth. Pair a summery dress with heeled boots to compliment the femininity.Stick to sweaters in neutral colors, or pick a darker shade of a color already in the dress. A maxi dress and sweater can seem overwhelming together if you do not choose the right colors. A pull over will mix up the look and give the appearance of a skirt. Consider throwing on a circle scarf to complete the look.

Look at these polyvores I created for inspiration:

Maxi Dress Outfit Ideas


Maxi dresses are a current trend, but they generally have a long stay period and always look good. Here is some maxi dress eye candy, courtesy of Italian Vogue, for us all to day dream about:



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