Tips for Great Hair: Beer? Vinegar? WHAT?

You know that drunk guy next to you at a concert waving his beer around? You can’t help but get annoyed at the fact he is messing up your hair, clothes, and makeup while making you reek of alcohol. But strangely enough, beer has great benefits for the hair. There are two strange hair products making their wave on the internet, one is beer and the other is apple cider vinegar. I have tried both, so I can give you my honest opinion on them.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Who is it for– Women with straight, unprocessed hair.
Pros– Really bumps up the shine and volume in your hair. It gets rid of product buildup and can help with dandruff. You will feel an instant lightness to your hair as you pour the vinegar. It is also really inexpensive; a little goes a long way.
Cons- Can smell very strongly. It would make my bathroom smell after using. The smell goes away as your hair dries, but I would get very paranoid when I would begin to sweat. I recommend using this in the drier months of winter. Slightly stripped my hair of hair dye, not everyone has this problem.
How to use- Dilute the vinegar before applying to your hair. You can experiment with what works for you, but maybe 2 Tablespoons per 8 ounces of water to start. I would put mine in a tea canister to slowly poor over my hair. Use after you put in conditioner and then rinse.

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Who is it for- Women with curly or color-treated hair.
Pros- Helped to define my curls and added moisture to my dry ends. Does not smell as strongly as the ACV did. No sign of color stripping either.
Cons-Can be more expensive that ACV. Most people choose ACV over beer, although I strongly preferred the beer.
How to use- Buy a 6 pack of a light beer, such as Coors Light, and let it sit overnight so it is flat. Pour on hair after conditioner, let sit for a minute or two, rinse.

Here is a picture of my hair right after using this treatment. My curls were more defined and shiny.
Use these treatments once a week or every other week. Your hair will love you for trying out this DIY trick!


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