Tips for Clear Skin

Never in middle school or high school, even early college, would I have imagined that I could go without foundation. In middle school, I did not even try to cover up my bad skin since I did not know how. Even as my skin cleared up, I continued to battle scars and uneven skin tone. So even though I was only getting the occasional break out, I still had to wake up early to apply foundation.

Many women are unhappy with the quality of their skin. It can cause extreme insecurity, as I know from experience. We feel that everyone notices each and every little blemish on our face. Plus it’s our face. It feels so obvious and upfront compared to other cosmetic issues. Let me reassure you by saying that other people do not notice our skin nearly as much as we think! How often do you honestly notice a few zits on another person? My friends will point out their zits to me, and I still do not see them!

Because of my struggles with skin care, I have done more research than your average person. When I got a facial earlier this year, the woman was shocked about how much I actually knew. I wanted to share some of the tips I have found with all of you.

*Note: My skin has had periods of oiliness, combination, and dryness. Now my skin tends to be fairly normal. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to treatments. I will try to give options for all skin types to try.

Here are some photos for you to see how my skin has changed. I am not wearing makeup in any of them. I do not have any good pictures of my skin without makeup in high school. There were some on my old computer, but I did not take the time to transfer those to my new one.



Uneven skin tone: This can often times seem to be the most difficult skin ailment to treat. I found that proper moisturizing and wearing coconut oil on my face at night helped my skin tone immensely. There is one other secret that will leave your skin flawless. It is the Olay regenerist microdermabrasion and peel kit. It costs about $20, but lasts a long time. I have had my kit for about 2 months now, and still have enough use for 4 or 5 more times. I use it about 2 times a week, and it definitely beats the cost of getting a facial. When using the step 1 of the system, lightly dampen the scrub before applying to your face because it will spread easier. This leaves your face absolutely glowing. An AHA+ based solution works well for redness. Try the one on Find the Olay Regernerist Microdermabrasion and Peel kit here for $22. Can also be found at your local Target and other drugstores.

*Image courtesy of Amazon

Aging: I know the least about this topic, but I do know a few preemptive measures we should all take to avoid wrinkles. Once again, coconut oil is your friend. Also, invest in an age-fighting moisturizer. I already use the Mary Kay Age-Fighting moisturizer with sunscreen. Because sunscreen is also important for aging. It is nice to look tan, but get a spray tan instead. You will regret how badly damaged your skin got when you are older. Drinking plenty of water, not smoking, and eating well are all keys to looking young too. Wear sunglasses to help eliminate wrinkles from constant squinting. Coconut oil is inexpensive and at most health food stores. You can even use it in cooking, which is great. Find it here for $8.64.

*Image courtesy of SwansonVitamins

Dry Skin: Only wash your face with cleanser once a day. In the morning, just splash water before applying moisturizer. Use products that are intended for dry skin. Usually a gentle cleanser will work better on your skin. Try the YesTo cucumber line of masks and cleansers. You can find the cleanser here for only $9.99.

*Image Courtesy of Yes To Carrots.

Oliy Skin & Acne: Try Dan’s regimen on I used this for years and it significantly helped my skin. The benzoyle peroxide is great for acne-prone skin. It works well on oily skin, and does not cause flakiness. He has many tips on his website for clearing up acne. If you find that your acne does not clear up no matter what measures you take, then consider seeing a dermatologist. In some cases that is the best answer. They can be expensive, but you may feel it is worth it for clear skin. Buy Dan’s regimen for $38.44 here.

*Image courtesy of DanielKern

A few general tips:
-Change your pillowcase often.
-Consider using silk pillowcases as they are gentler on the skin and hair.
-Cleanse your makeup brushes with a mild shampoo or facial cleanser at least once a week.
-Do not pick or touch your skin–no matter how tempting.
-Avoid harsh products that dry out your skin.
-Pat dry, no rough scrubbing with a washcloth.
-Skin usually gets better with age, so remain patient!

In the future, I will post recipes and pictures of at-home masks!


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