Everyday Outfit #1

In addition to my photo shoots with Lexie, I am going to attempt to snap a picture of what I wear everyday. Here is my outfit for today! It was 100 out, so even though I have a short skirt on I was burning. Earlier my Italian class went to Punch Pizza, and we go to make our own pizzas. Quite a sad moment for someone who is gluten free…

While we were at Punch Pizza I took my ring off. I completely forgot to put it on before snapping my outfit picture, so here it is. My stepdad picked that out himself for my birthday! I was very impressed.


5 thoughts on “Everyday Outfit #1

  1. Are you studying in Italy? I am going abroad in the spring to study in Rome for a semester. I’m hoping to gain some fashion tricks from the Italians! I loved your outfit too! I liked how you used the classic black and white outfit and threw in shades of both colors. The fedora brings it a youthful touch as well! I have lately been interested in the history of clothing and wrote and article on fedoras. If you are interested, you should check it out:http://thefashionfoot.com/2012/07/18/the-fierce-fedora/

    • I am not studying there yet! I want to go to Bologna in 2 years; the program I’m doing has a heavy language requirement. I love your article, and I hope you write more about the history of fashion. For one of my classes, I wrote a 10 page paper about the influence flapper fashion had on women’s rights. Your blog is great!

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