Colorful Curtains

The right curtains can transform your windows from a source of lighting into a focal point. They have the ability to alter the entire atmosphere of your room. Unfortunately in my room, I only have one small window. I also do not get much natural light streaming in except for around 6-9am. I wanted a curtain color that would minimize the early morning light to help me sleep. Also with my gray walls, I needed a bright color to contrast. There was a bit of bright red in my duvet cover that helped me land my decision on red curtains.

There could not have been a better choice in curtains for my room. The grey walls have a hint of purple that really maximizes the color of the curtain. And when the morning light streams through my window, my entire room is cast in a luxurious pale reddish-purple color. It is an easy light for my eyes to adjust to in the morning. The entire room feels romantic and calm.

Here is a picture from this morning:

This picture is a bit blurry, but I wanted you to get an idea for how the color really fills the room.

And really, my room is usually a pale grey with no hint of that color. It is a fun way to experience red walls, without having to live with them 24/7. So what color should you pick for your curtains? It really depends on the color of your wall. For rooms with dark walls, aim for pastel, sheer curtains. You want to maximize on the light coming through your windows. Dark purple could work well with white or pale pink curtains. The fun thing about grey walls is that they always have a very subtle undertone. You would never guess there was a hint of purple in my walls. If you choose a gray wall with a blue base, then bright pink curtains would be striking.

White rooms work well with any bright curtain. Maybe even consider a curtain with a fun pattern or design. Some people like thicker or dark curtains, but that is not really my style. Mainly because I like the light to stream in. However if your room is pastel, it would be fun to have a darker curtain the same color as your walls. So if your room is pale green, then buy a forest green curtain. Darker curtains look better with some structure rather than being flowy. A gorgeous idea is a lavender room, violet curtains, and tangerine-orange accents! It would be reminiscent of this polyvore I created awhile ago.


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